Early bird gets the worm.

I woke up this morning with some serious productive thoughts. I did dishes, washed and dried clothes, put a load of clothes away, and swept. I also got a shower this morning all before 7 AM. Having to be at work at 8 gives me like an hour to do chores. My amazing hubby took the trash up this morning too! I feel good bout my morning. Now I’m going into work to stay just as productive and then I get to pick up Casey today. I missed her! I think today is going to be a good Thursday! Happy cleaning everyone!

Busy busy house wife!

So I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and Thursday I go back to school. I also work everyday till Sunday! So today is clean clean and more clean. I’ve already grocery shopped, washed clothes, and vacuumed my bedroom. I hope to clean my living room, wash my bedding, clean my kitchen, and fill out my planner for the week. Got a lot to do but might treat myself to a nap once it’s all done! lol go me!

Anonymous said: Your so beautiful, I wish could meet

thank you. thats sweet

tuesday it is

so here it is trash day again. i am doing spring cleaning to the max. i am going to post pics of the work soon! good luck on all your cleaning

I’m leaving for Georgia today to see my boyfriend. I can’t wait to get to him and probably won’t be posting while I’m away. Happy cleaning everyone!